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Growing your store can be brutal...

After pouring time and effort into your Amazon store, your time feels even more limited and growth is still falling short.

When your sales finally do go up, policy issues, rising costs, and stiff competition quickly slows you down.

After seeing it way too many times, we started Reez to become the Amazon partner we wish we could've worked with.

That means fast, reliable, and proven growth solutions.
About us

We give sellers dream results...

A recently-launched Home & Kitchen brand, faced the challenge of kickstarting sales on Amazon. With the aim to increase monthly sales while ensuring profitability, our task was to execute a comprehensive strategy for their account.
Home & Kitchen brand
An Electronics brand, faced the challenge of significantly expanding their presence on Amazon while upholding profitability and maintaining a low ACoS.
A brand in the pet niche had a goal to increase profits with a 40% target ACoS. Their campaigns were running into issues with an outdated Broad-Phrase-Exact setup that lacked proper oversight.
A Tools & Home Improvement brand aimed to boost overall sales, facing challenges like low organic search rankings despite having competitive reviews.
Tools & Home Improvement
A Home & Kitchen brand needed to maximize advertising results for Q4-specific customizable products with thousands of variations.
Home & Kitchen
A Sports & Outdoor brand was struggling with PPC performance and needed help to boost ad revenue while cutting down on ACoS and TACoS.
Sports & Outdoor

Why work with us?

Before Reez

  • Difficulty scaling efficiently
  • Limited product visibility
  • Inefficient advertising strategies
  • Non-optimized product listings
  • Lost in sea of competitors
  • Limited reporting insights

After Reez

  • Proven growth plan
  • More product visibility
  • Advertise more profitably
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Outperform top competitors
  • Clear performance reporting

Our process is fast, friendly, and simple


Week 1

  • Onboarding survey
  • Competitor analysis
  • Account audit
  • Kick off

Week 2

  • Design
  • Catalog‍
  • PPC
  • SEO


  • No long-term contracts
  • Simple, fixed monthly rate
  • Clear performance reporting
  • Daily optimizations

We help brands with:

PPC advertising

Maximize sales, lower ACoS


Boost product visibility

Design & writing

Enhance listing effectiveness

Dedicated support

Personalized account management

Competitive strategy

Outperform competitors

Account audit

Cut waste, find opportunity

Account safety

Maintain account health

Seasonal prep

Optimize for peak seasons

The brands we help usually look like this:

Growing to the next level

You've scaled your business to a revenue of ($50k-$1M) per month. It's profitable, but you're thinking about your next chapter. It's time to find a partner with experience getting to the next phase on Amazon.

Slow or plateauing sales

You've put in the effort but haven't seen the growth you expected. Despite having solid products and a vision for your brand, it feels like you're blending into the background amidst all the competition.

DIY burnout

As you try to grow bigger, it's getting tougher to manage internally. You're at a point where you want to move from just keeping up with daily tasks to really growing your brand in a big way.

Choose a plan that's right for you:


Amazon PPC ads management
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What's included:
  • Comprehensive audit
  • Competitive analysis
  • Custom strategy planning
  • Ad campaign structure optimization
  • Daily PPC optimizations
  • Monthly performance reporting


PPC ads management + Optimizations
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Everything in Standard, plus:
  • SEO optimization
  • Catalog management
  • Full service graphic design
  • Account health management
  • Peak season planning
  • Compliance and policy troubleshooting
Included in all plans:
  • No long-term contracts
  • Fixed monthly rate
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Proprietary system

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