DSP Advertising

Reach your target audience more effectively with the Amazon demand side platform and use exclusive shopper data through our DSP advertising management.

Why DSP Advertising?

While advertising on Amazon is effective, Amazon's Demand-Side Platform (DSP) brings a whole new level of visibility and sales. Here's why you should consider it:

Exclusive Shopper Data Access: Amazon DSP gives you access to valuable shopper data not available through regular Amazon Advertising. Target your audience more precisely based on behavior, related products, and interests.

Diverse Advertising Opportunities: With DSP, you can reach specific groups like Amazon Prime Video subscribers. Extend your advertising reach beyond eCommerce to tap into a broader online audience.

Quick Start with Lookalike Audiences: Utilize your existing customer data to create lookalike audiences on Amazon DSP. Accelerate your advertising success by leveraging insights you already have.

In-Depth Performance Insights: Amazon DSP provides detailed reporting, including retail insights. Understand how customers discover, research, and buy your products for informed decision-making.

Our services

We offer a comprehensive range of DSP advertising solutions, tailored to your unique needs:

DSP Advertising Strategy: Start strong with a tailored strategy. We leverage our Amazon expertise to create a plan that aligns with your goals, ensuring impactful results.

Demand Side Platform Management: Expertly handle the complexities of Amazon DSP. We manage your ad platform to optimize bidding, pricing, audience targeting, and placements for maximum impact.

High-Quality Amazon DSP Ads: Stand out with unique creatives. Our custom-designed ads capture attention, comply with Amazon's policies, and ensure your brand shines.DSP

Amazon Audience Analysis: Harness Amazon's unique shopper data. We analyze insights to refine your audience, creating retargeting campaigns for optimal engagement.

How we work

With our simplified approach, we aim for efficient collaboration, creative excellence, and data-driven success to help your DSP campaigns thrive.

Collaborative Planning: We kick off by understanding your objectives and goals.
Collaboratively, we create a straightforward plan that aligns with your vision.

Efficient Execution: Our team manages the intricacies of Amazon DSP.
We ensure smooth execution, optimizing bidding, pricing, and targeting for impactful results.

Creative Excellence: Stand out with our high-quality, custom-designed ads.
We ensure your brand shines while adhering to Amazon's guidelines.

Data-Driven Analysis: Harnessing Amazon's unique shopper data, we refine your audience. Our continuous analysis informs retargeting campaigns for optimal engagement.


By partnering with us for your Amazon advertising needs, we aim to provide the following outcomes:

Enhanced Visibility:
Reach a wider audience on and off Amazon, maximizing brand exposure.

Precise Targeting: Leverage exclusive Amazon shopper data for refined audience targeting. Craft campaigns that resonate with your ideal customers.

Increased Engagement: Capture attention with high-quality, custom-designed ads.
Ensure your brand stands out among the competition.

Optimized Budgets: Expertly manage your budget, paying per 1,000 impressions for scalable impact. Complement large-scale campaigns with efficient spending and integrated marketing services.

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